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virtual tour of london

This week at Virtual Vue we came across this incredible virtual tour of London.  Photographers set a world record for the larges panoramic photo with an amazing 320 gigapixel, 360 degree interactive image of London.

The images were shot on the 29th floor of the British Telecommunications tower soon after the 2012 London Olympic Games.

This tour consists of over 48,000 still images stitched together over a space of three months to create a 98 meter wide; 24 meter tall panoramic to be used as the virtual tour.

The clarity of this tour is incredible and allows you to zoom up to an impressive 20 miles away, whilst still keeping the resolution crystal clear.

If you want to take a look, you can view it here on the BT website:

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Photo from Daily Mail

This week here at Virtual Vue we came across a fantastic virtual tour taken by photographer Gerald Donovan of the city of Dubai from on top of the Burj Khalifa building.   This gigapixel tour consists of 48 panoramic images each with a resolution of 80 megapixels!

This remarkable achievement from Donovan is a fantastic advertisement for virtual tours, and shows that they are becoming increasingly more in demand.  Donovan taking virtual tours to this level could mean a whole new realm for interactive photography, and who knows this form could be the new way we explore the world; at the click of a finger!

Composed of over 70 individual photos, it recreates the view Tom Cruise made famous as he sat at the tower’s peak during the filming of Mission Impossible Four, ‘Ghost Protocol’.

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Virtual Vue have recently been commissioned to create a stunning marketing package for Chesterton Humberts in central London. This included a fully immersive Virtual Tour, a still high definition photo shoot, and a fully detailed floor plan.

The prestigious £2.5 million property is prime London real estate and required an outstanding job to capture the penthouse apartment in its best light.

After consideration, it was decided that to create maximum impact and truly stand out for the competition, a twilight shoot would be the best option.

The results are spectacular, with views of the city and the London eye, Virtual Vue certainly did it justice.

Click here to view on our tour page! - St George's Wharf, London 360 Virtual Tour

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In such a highly competitive market place, you have less than 5 seconds to grab interest and encourage further interaction. Our virtual tours maximize this crucial time, create massive visual impact, immediately showcase your space and encourage interest and action.

We pride ourselves in the high quality of our virtual tours, and feel it truly sets us apart from the competition.

All of our tours are created using high definition cameras, the latest editing software, and are fully interactive, to give the user a full true perspective of the space.

When combined with our dedicated team of photographers, project managers and artworkers, we guarantee to deliver a great value, high quality virtual tour solution.


Our 360 Virtual Tours feature:

  • Voiceovers
  • Virtual tour music
  • Full HD rendering
  • Full screen option
  • Interactive hotspots
  • Corporate branding
  • iPhone / iPad Gyro Spin
  • MultiMaps. Great for hotels, multiple floors
  • Private, password protected tours
  • Built in reservation forms
  • Built in e-commerce


The stats speak for themselves…

A site with a 360 virtual tour and interactive media will receive 40% more views than a competitor's site that is lacking media.
(Pew Internet Life Study)

80% of Internet shoppers say images are imperative when deciding to buy or use a company's product or services.
(Pew Internet Life Study)

360 Virtual tours reduce the amount of wasted viewings by 40%
(Source: Property Week)

Properties complete with virtual tours are, on average, clicked 10 times more than those that do not offer the service.
(Source: Property Week)

Some of the many examples include:

Hotel, conference and event properties Virtual Tours

Whether it is for pleasure or business, from hotels to exhibition spaces, a virtual tour can save hours of time and money on venue and site visits. Presenting a property to its maximum potential and enabling clients to qualify and experience a particular space on initial enquiry is a massive advantage.

To see more examples of our work please click on the following link to view our 360 Virtual Tours Portfolio


Educational Virtual Tours

A virtual tour can be hugely beneficial to any educational facility, from schools and colleges to universities and further educational operations. A virtual tour gives prospective students or delegates the opportunity to experience the space and showcasing the facilities to their maximum potential.


Leisure Facilities Virtual Tours

Again in such a competitive market, determining what the consumer will spend their disposable income on is an ongoing battle. A virtual tour is the ideal asset in presenting your facilities, and gives consumers the opportunity to experience them first hand from the comfort of their own home.

From museums to restaurants, health farms to golf courses; there is an abundance of choice for the consumer. Virtual Vue tours make their decision easier.

By using a virtual tour, you are able give the consumer an insight into what you have to offer before they have even left home!

"80% of consumers search for information online"


Retail Virtual Tours

Again a battle for the disposable income, a retail environment is designed to capture interest, encourage intrigue and lead to a sale.

Is your website doing the same? Why not get a step ahead of the competition and influence your consumer's decision before they have left home.

Virtual tours are proven to have real impact, create interest and encourage action.

Ranging from beauty products to motorcycles, getting that step ahead is crucial in today's market.


Property Virtual Tours

Initially grabbing the browsers attention, a Virtual Vue tour enables prospective clients not only to qualify and experience a particular property, but presents the property to its maximum potential which has be proven to increase productive viewings and sales.


Why Virtual Vue 360 Virtual Tours?

  • Virtual Vue uses the latest innovative technology and software to create high quality 360 Virtual Tours in high definition.
  • We create accessible and interactive user experiences that are visually stunning, informative and most of all cost effective.
  • Our 360 Virtual Tours in 'full screen' provide a more complete view and accurate understanding of the space, context and layout of a property, venue or location.
  • The images we use are of the highest quality using industry leading photographic editing software such as, Adobe Photoshop to optimize the sharpness, brightness, contrast, and colour of our images.
  • Our 360 Virtual Tours Portfolio section shows why a Virtual Vue tour is the perfect way to showcase your property, venue or location.
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